Therapy Session


My therapeutic approach is supportive, compassionate, and trauma-informed.  I  draw from other experiential and body-centered therapies that teach us that we are all wired for growth and healing.  Some of you are here because you may want to learn more about the roots of your life patterns, how they were developed, how they are maintained, and how they can be healed (Schema Therapy). Yet others may want to relate to all parts of themselves with mindful compassionate awareness(IFS). Some may want to learn how to have a Mindful Practice and how to have a  compassionate, inner relationship with parts of themselves (Focusing).  While others may want a supportive relationship with a therapist to figure things out, and that's ok.

Some of you may want to learn more about the interaction between your thoughts, feelings, and behavior(CBT) or how to manage your dysregulated emotions (DBT) while others may want to have a better relationship with their thoughts, feelings, memories, and bodily sensations in order to have a meaningful life despite life challenges (ACT) Some of you because of adverse childhood experiences or traumas may want to explore experiential, body-centered innovative ways to manage disturbing memories (EMDR).  Many of you want to join a workshop to learn more about different modalities, while others may want to incorporate creative coping strategies the expressive arts to work with your life issues. Just click the link to learn more.

Family At Church


I am a bilingual (English/Spanish) culturally sensitive trauma-informed psychotherapist who draws from the Bowen Family Systems therapeutic perspective.  With couples, I use the Prepare-Enrich online inventory (40-60 min) in English and Spanish. A Prepare-Enrich program is a useful tool for premarital, cohabitating, and married couples to identify areas of strength. I am trained in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy but draw from other approaches of couples therapy.



I integrate expressive arts in my psychotherapy practice as a creative method to cope with life challenges and support your growth. Expressive arts therapies used vary depending on your needs, but they include therapeutic journaling, and writing, visual art journaling as well  Bibliotherapy/Poetry therapy,  a therapeutic modality that involves the reading of poetry, or a specific narrative or story with the purpose of growth and healing.  I also provide clinical Bibliotherapy, the use of therapy books for therapeutic support, see events. (